The Long and Winding Road

The Beatles sang of the long and winding road. It is, like most Beatles songs, a great song. We all have different roads to take and decisions to make. The best part of our life journey is that it is our path to take. The difficult part of the journey is that at varying times... Continue Reading →

King James (not LBJ)

It is interesting how we meet people that make a positive impact in our life path often without great fanfare. Today was my last workout with Coach James at Copper Moose Fitness. I have never been a big fan of working out but I have come to appreciate the importance of taking care of yourself physically... Continue Reading →


It's hard to believe that my older son is graduating in a month and will be starting high school. It seems like it goes so quickly but at the same time every day brings a graduation of sorts for each of us. We celebrate the big events in life, but we often forget that for... Continue Reading →

Something About You

What is the something about you that makes you special and different? Is it how you perceive the world? Is it the choices that you make? Is it your willingness to always see the positive in any situation? We start each day with a new opportunity to make each day special and positive. What are... Continue Reading →

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

The late, great Tom Petty wrote that “the waiting is the hardest part”. It was one of my favorite songs of his. I look at the song now as part of the human condition. We wait for the things we want like a vacation or a promotion. We wait for things we fear like layoffs... Continue Reading →


Communication can define a long-lasting relationship or one that ended too soon. In the 80’s Spandau Ballet had a song called Communication and the refrain was “communication let me down”. However, communication doesn’t let us down. We just stop communicating in a productive way. Whether it is that someone in the relationship stops talking or... Continue Reading →

Winnie the Pooh

I called this picture Winnie the Pooh because my older son looks kind of like a little Pooh Bear. Even at that time I already felt wistful about how quickly time goes by. My older one was born in my first semester in grad school and at the graduation he was three. His younger brother... Continue Reading →

A Beginning Begins Again

I don’t know if this will be something that I write only once or something that will truly be a beginning of countless other stories. What I do know is that I am beginning again and going down a new road. We all tell stories whether it was something we saw, heard, imagined, felt, or... Continue Reading →

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