Just Dance

Sometimes things can be difficult, and sometimes some things can be easy. This morning was difficult because I wanted to come up with something spectacular. It didn’t work. I was trying too hard to do something that would be great. However, the actual answer came from hearing the song Walk Like a Man by Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons on my daily walk. To be sure, I don’t usually sing outside, but there was not a lot of noise, and I thought it would be fun, and it was.  What was more interesting is that I felt a lot of serotonin release, which I have not had in a long time. Have you danced lately? Many people don’t like to go to clubs, but you can dance in your house and with friends or family. It doesn’t matter as long as you have fun. You can exercise and burn the carbs you recently ate. You don’t have to step out of your house. All you need is the will and the way. Have a great time!

Published by Coach Carlos Lossada

Certified life coach with over 29 years experience in education, psychology, mentoring, and coaching (soccer). Carlos has a Masters in Counseling Psychology. His passion is helping others find their path to an authentic self.

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