Have you had your MRI Tonight?

I Have

What are you doing tonight? Is it a dinner and a movie or something different? For me, I am getting a MRI. This has been coming since June and tonight it is finally here. This is not what I would like to do this evening, however, it is important. I need to know what is going on in my head. It seems like aphasia but it might be something else. In any case, I am hoping that there will be a diagnosis in September. 

The good part is that I hope to get more information about what is going on and what can be done. In a situation like this I had a MRI about three years ago and it was a rather incomplete. I hope that this is better because I will be taking something before and during that will help me relax and find what is going on in my body. 

After the MRI

I decided to finish what I started about the MRI. The MRI center was very professional and I felt a lot better about the procedure. Yes, there were loud noises during the MRI but it goes with the territory. Now it will take about a month to get the report. So when we left the hospital we did what many people often do we went to In and Out and then went home.

How are you normalizing a difficult experience in your life? Want to talk about it with someone? I would love to hear from you.

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