Listening 101

Listening can be difficult particularly when people don’t want to hear what is being said. People often are more interested in getting to where they want to go rather than if the path is a safe one. To be fair, most people are very good at following directions until they are late for their appointment. This is the moment where people want to cut in lines because they are late. However, unless someone is willing to let you go first or you have a time machine like Doc Brown and Marty in Back to the Future it isn’t going to happen. 

It is important to take things seriously. During this time of slower lines perhaps we should spend more time listening others. You learn a lot about people when you talk to people. The tendency in conversations is to talk. However, you learn a great deal more about others when you listen carefully. Often times we spend more time not listening to others because we are waiting to get our chance to speak. However, asking questions and listening to answers shows that you are serious and interested in the other person.

Finally, if you want to have good conversations and get to know the other person(s) you have to be willing to listen first and then respond in a thoughtful way. This means that the person you are talking to has to have your attention and in your turn you want them to listen to you. It is not difficult with practice. Let your instinct guide you. Ask questions of others and answer them in your turn. 

Published by Coach Carlos Lossada

Certified life coach with over 29 years experience in education, psychology, mentoring, and coaching (soccer). Carlos has a Masters in Counseling Psychology. His passion is helping others find their path to an authentic self.

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