On Any Sunday There Are No Fans in the Stands

We’re all at home

I know that my title sounds like a Dr. Suess book, but this is where we are. Here we are on a Sunday in September with football. Yet, it doesn’t seem quite back to normal in the grand scheme of things. The NBA is getting closer to crowning a champion. Baseball is playing a third of what they usually do in a season and so are the NHL. Oh, and I almost forgot, that we don’t have actual fans at most of these events. I don’t want to highlight the fact that people are not in the stands, I mean to say it is more about how lonely and strange the stadiums look. 

Like many people in this country I am counting the days until we have sports with fans in the stadiums. I am getting used to the cardboard they use in baseball and the electronic fans in basketball. But at the end of the day I give props for the people that have made these strange images that somehow you find yourself liking just a little bit. However, and again, I am still waiting for the real people in the stands. I can’t wait to have the people there again.

If you are looking at sports tonight remember that those athletes are also missing you as well.   

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