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Having Trouble Getting Started? So Am I – Here are some ideas…

I have been waiting for something to happen workwise and it hasn’t yet. I have been feeling lost waiting to get back to work and not knowing when I will be back. In these situations, we often stop doing the things that have been so useful for our routine. You get up, stretch, read, meditate, write, or whatever works for you. When we no longer have a job or some type of reason to get up and face the world, the tendency is to forget our routines and practices that are so important to us when we are really busy. When working we become little geniuses that can find creative ways to make our time matter. But when we go into a mode of having finished a project, moving to the next job, having time for other things, or simply having trouble finding a new job, our infrastructure tends to fall apart or completely disappears. 

Number 1:  Stop worrying about your situation and find your anchors. Your anchors are the things that you like and feel confident about. This is your solid ground. This is where you can show what you can do even if you are not getting paid. It could be helping out a friend in their business, volunteering at a school, or displaying your talents in some different arena. We are always much more comfortable when we are working and helping others. Sometimes, we need to remind ourselves about how knowledgeable and skilled we are and how helpful we can be.

Number 2:  Take a step forward or take one back, but movement is key. Maybe take that step backward because you put too much on your plate. Your expectations might be not in tune with where you are in life. Or, maybe it is time for a step forward and a greater challenge. Sometimes we need to push ourselves further so we can see if we can handle it. Again, often times we get stuck in a rut. But remember, if we are stuck we simply need to find the movement that will help extricate us from whatever is holding us back. 

Number 3: Reach out to someone that knows you and supports you. Often we have trouble reaching out to others because of embarrassment, pride, and not wanting others to know what is going on with you. This is something that I suffer from. I don’t like to give out information when things are not going well. At the same time, I lament that I could use some help. Well, you and I cannot get help unless we ask for it. I am a life coach and I still struggle with this concept. But the way I see it, if I am willing to write this for anyone to read then reaching out doesn’t seem that bad. 

In conclusion, if you have reached this point of the article then you are ready to change your patterns and find your help. Reach into yourself and/or reach out to someone you trust. The moment you take that step you are starting the process of getting help and getting back on track. Go with it and see how things can change for you!

Published by Coach Carlos Lossada

Certified life coach with over 29 years experience in education, psychology, mentoring, and coaching (soccer). Carlos has a Masters in Counseling Psychology. His passion is helping others find their path to an authentic self.

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