Joseph, Copper, and Moose

A little more than three years ago I walked into a meeting with a guy named Joseph in this smallish gym. He seemed to be full of energy but also very smart and intuitive. Often times in our lives we find people, or in this case, a person, that influences our lives in a way we didn’t expect. Joseph is one of those persons in my life. I went to him seeking help with my constant back pain and he did that and more. He challenged me for a little more than 3 years not just in strength training, but also about my personal beliefs, my goals in life, and my belief in my self. He was the guy that asked the questions that I didn’t want to answer or think about them. Was it annoying? Absolutely. Was it needed? Absolutely. Did he change my thinking? Yes, he did.

Thank you Joseph for being an awesome mentor! You helped me see that at 55 I can lift, learn, and endure. The boundaries that I thought were constraining me were simply in my mind and of my creation. As we go through our days we simply have to go forward to find out what we are capable of doing without fear. The excuses and old beliefs are just holding us back. I learned that from Joseph because he would remind me most days at the gym. Joseph, you practice what you preach. It is inspiring. Thank you for these last 3 years. Thank you for being a friend and a mentor.

Published by Coach Carlos Lossada

Certified life coach with over 29 years experience in education, psychology, mentoring, and coaching (soccer). Carlos has a Masters in Counseling Psychology. His passion is helping others find their path to an authentic self.

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