Something About You


What is the something about you that makes you special and different? Is it how you perceive the world? Is it the choices that you make? Is it your willingness to always see the positive in any situation? We start each day with a new opportunity to make each day special and positive. What are the things that derail us from having a wonderful day? Work? Someone with a bad attitude? The negative thoughts that creep up on us? These are some of the likely suspects that make us see negative rather than seeing the positive. The good news is that each of us have something within us that can change any day for the better. It can be your smile or a nice comment or simply moving forward with a positive attitude. The negative nellies will wonder what is making you happy and, possibly, try to knock you down. Don’t let them. It’s your life. Enjoy yourself. Have a happy thought or happy memory! Let that carry you through the day!

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