Winnie the Pooh

I called this picture Winnie the Pooh because my older son looks kind of like a little Pooh Bear. Even at that time I already felt wistful about how quickly time goes by. My older one was born in my first semester in grad school and at the graduation he was three. His younger brother... Continue Reading →

A Beginning Begins Again

I don’t know if this will be something that I write only once or something that will truly be a beginning of countless other stories. What I do know is that I am beginning again and going down a new road. We all tell stories whether it was something we saw, heard, imagined, felt, or... Continue Reading →

The First One

  This is my first post and I never thought I would blog. I feel lost in this world of Facebook, Instagram, and whatever else is out there. Times change. It's interesting because I did believe in electronic messages years ago. I loved taking the time to create a message on mixed tapes. You can... Continue Reading →

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