You Can Live Your Best Life Now

Coach Carlos Lossada

I am a certified Life Coach with over 14 years of mentoring and coaching educators and health and wellness professionals. Learn more about me.


I provide one on one coaching for individuals seeking personal freedom and to accentuate their strengths to help them live their best lives now. Small group coaching is also available.

Musings on Life

Occasionally, I post musings on life or other perspectives that may help you find your way. The journey to self awareness and growth is constant. I invite you to join me on this adventure.

Current Client Perspective

I’m so grateful that I found Carlos as a life coach. Right after talking to Carlos this week, an idea popped into my head and I organized a room in my house, making my life less chaotic. That’s how it works with Carlos, from small things like decluttering an area to bigger career decisions, his psychology background, calm and kind demeanor and insightful guidance is invaluable. I highly recommend Carlos to anyone who needs some clarity or direction in their life. Carlos has been a God send.

-Patti. B