Coach Carlos Lossada


Hi, I am Coach Carlos Lossada. It is nice to meet you here.

CLOFOS is a fictional philosopher I created in my freshman year in college. However, it was also the start of understanding myself and what I was attracted to in terms of future work. In my first year in college I was exposed to psychology, philosophy, and political science. At that time I thought my path led to law school and being a lawyer. Over time I came to understand and accept that I was most interested in helping others. I have spent my adult life working as a teacher, mentor, counselor, professor, and coach. This has been a progression over the last 27 years. I am now working in the field of life coaching and education. This is where I want to be to help others reach their goals and dreams.

I decided to name this site CLOFOS because it takes me back to my first year in college. This is where I envisioned a future of helping others. Helping others is a calling that I have felt for the better part of 28 years.

My background includes an MS in Counseling Psychology and over 27 years of teaching at the university, middle and elementary level. I have spent the last 12+ years mentoring teachers and other adults to help them in instructional design, collaborating with others, and relationship building.  Additionally, I have had a stint as a soccer coach at the high school level, and have enjoyed working as a Big Brother in my younger years.

I am married to an educator, and we have two boys. I love sports and all music, though my favorite musical decades trend towards the 70s and 80s.

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